Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Gathering

Been a long time but, wouldn't it be nice to have a sissy sister holiday reunion?

Merry Christmas everyone!


sissy terri

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Sissy Spanking

Before the sissy is allowed to model her new lingerie, there's a spanking to be had.

It's a nice little ritual.  The dominant wife enjoys the spanking and it's a way to make her sissy husband feel like he's earned the reward.

Spanked by Women

Sorry we've been quite here for so long.  The sissy sisters have had a busy summer.  Some tending to their wives, boyfriends, jobs, housework and oh yes....getting spanked!


sissy terri

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sissy Fashion = $$i$y $hopping

If Diane weren't around to keep me in check, i could spend a fortune on clothes.  So husbands, take it easy on your wives when they go on these shopping binges.  Let me attest that it's hard not to shop when there are so many pretty things just screaming at you to buy them.

My inbox get inundated every day with special offers ranging from heels to thongs!  There's something to wear for every occasion, every season and every whatever you can think of!

Here are just a few (okay, maybe more than a few) examples.

Who wouldn't want to workout in something this pretty?  Seems like you have more than yoga on your mind if you're in this outfit.  i know i would.  You can get this at Rue La La Boutique!

Where you find one pretty bra, you're likely to find more.  As the girls at Zullily suggest "Fab Foundations Come in Sets!  And get 65% off too!

How about some jeans to flatter your figure?  The people at Fashion-to-Figure have the whole thing "figured out" for you!

And there's still plenty of summer to enjoy some beautiful lightweight and feminine pajamas of all types.  Take Her Room's  advice and "Sleep tight.  Be cool."

And no sissy shopping trip or web browsing excursion would be complete without at least one pair of shows.  Zullily  is now offering up to 70% off on these lovely wedges.

So happy shopping.  Just try to stay within your budget!


sissy terri

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sissy intimacy

Sometimes I come across(!) a drawing I wish I'd drawn...


Friday, July 3, 2015

Tennis Anyone?

This is how the Sissy Sisters play.  Care to join us?  We love Love.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Just a Sissy Fantasy

If you're a sissy of any kind, i'm sure you can relate to what i'm about to write.

Growing up, we all had our own unique fantasies that we'd replay in our minds....over and over again.  Some of us had many of them, but we all had a handful of favorites.

These were the fantasies that aroused us more than the others.  We were sometimes ashamed of even having them and embarrassed by the effect they had on us.  And sure enough, shame and embarrassment were often an important theme of the fantasies.

Here's one of mine.  i'll keep it short (for now maybe) and devoid of all the specific things that could happen to me in my fantasy, but i think you'll get the point....

In the fantasy, i'm being punished by my mother for doing something real bad to my older sisters.  As punishment, I'm made to wear a very sissy looking party dress all day.  It just so happens to be one of my sister's birthday.  And she's having a surprise birthday party, with all her friends (girls and boys in her class) coming over.

i'm going to be the prettiest "gurl" at the party...

my sisters can't decide what they want me to wear for the party....

They have many party dresses to choose from....

"you're going to look pretty in any of them" they tell me.....

i'm scared, but enjoy the attention i'm getting...

Of all the dresses, i have my favorite...

But i love the one they've chosen.

Her friends arrive and i'm nervous to go into the living room.  Finally, i make an appearance.

"Who's she?" my sister's girlfriends ask?

"Our younger cousin Theresa.  We're babysitting her this weekend" they tell them.

The girls appear a little jealous.

Theresa appears to have all the boys' attention.

his and Hers

Yesterday we finally had some sunshine after all the rain, so I washed panties--well mostly my panties. I have mentioned before, I save mine up during the warmer months so there are enough to make it worth while, and so I can hang them out in the sunshine. There were a few of Mistress' panties in the laundry as well, and I did them too. Since she doesn't have as many as I do, so She usually throws Hers in with the regular laundry.

I carried them all out and hung them on the line. It was striking to see the difference as they hung there drying. She likes wearing high cut panties for fit and comfort, and as you can see I like lots of color and variety.

Mistress selects what panties I am to wear each day from my collection, so the variety really reflects what She likes to see me in as the mood strikes her. There are no, what you might call, everyday panties hanging there of mine. Everyday is a colorful surprise.



What struck this sissy yesterday as I was doing the laundry, and I know it's just panties, but they are symbolic of our relationship. I am Hers, and wear what She chooses--starting with panties. I do as She requires, I clean, cook and look after the house. 

I can usually gauge her mood by what I'm wearing. If she is in a teasing mood it might be a little thong. If we have a special outing then it is usually something extra frilly. I had a recent doctors appointment and she had me in bright pink. If the panties are bowless, I might just get lucky.

Thong week for Penney

A few weeks ago Mistress had me in colorful thongs, all week! By the end of the week I was starting to wonder and squirm a bit too. Then, on Saturday when the bright orange bowless thong appeared.... well...... I knew. :-) She had her sissy well warmed up, and I was Hers for the taking.  

Thong waiting for its bow to be sewn on.

I love my panties.  Penney